Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children

Sensitive children are often misdiagnosed with ADHD and autism. They sometimes have difficulties at school and at home. In this informative and entertaining live lecture captured on a two-CD program, Virtue discusses natural and spiritual methods to help these children.

Doreen Virtue

Chakra Clearing

“Chakra Clearing,” by Doreen Virtue, Ph, D. is a unique experiential guide to activating your natural spiritual powers of psychic and spiritual healing through the opening, cleansing, and balancing of the body’s energy centers (“chakras”). Using this CD on a regular basis will keep your chakras attuned and cleansed for maximum intuitive powers.

Doreen Virtue

The New Physics of Healing Audio Book

The New Physics of Healing invites you to consider an astonishing possibility, now being demonstrated in the fields of physics and modern medicine: that we are composed of a rapidly changing field of pure information that sustains and influences our physical health.

Deepak Chopra

Opening to Meditation

Over 50 million people seek to reduce stress, according to a Stanford Research Institute study. Opening to Meditation takes the mystery out of the popular practice of meditation, making it as easy as breathing with a user-friendly book and CD.

Diana Lang

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Deepak Chopra

The Tranquil Harp: Improvisations for Relaxation, Meditation

Paul Baker

Sacred Verses, Healing Sounds, Volumes 1 and 2

Deepak Chopra

The Power of Intuition

Deepak Chopra